Beautiful mobile apps for iOS and Android

Beautiful mobile apps to help you put out the right bin on the right day

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What Bin Day has been designed to give you quick and easy access to the information you need on bin night. You can immediately see what bin needs to be placed on the kerbside and can even get reminders to tell you to put your bins out. In addition we also support other events and services for some councils.

   residents, download your bin app here.

Get Started!


Download the app to your iOS or Android phone from the store


Add your address by typing it in or let your phone detect your current location


See your bin collections and receive reminders the day before!

Fantastic Features

Add your location

Either by typing your address or use your phone GPS to add the current location

Discover bin collections

See the date of the next collection and what bins need to be put out. The app also displays the next five bin collections coming up

All bin types

Support for different bins that are in use by councils including general waste, recycling, green and paper/cardboard

Enjoy the app and want to see more features in the future? Unlock the full version for just $1 and you can support us and gain access to these additional features!

Add multiple locations

Great for rental properties, holiday homes or for friends and family

Reminder notifications

The App will remind you the day before that bins need to be put out

Support for other events

Information about other collection events from your council - such as kerbside cleanups

Home screen widgets

See the next bin collection quickly on your home screen without needing to launch the App