Harness the latest technology and give your residents a council sponsored mobile app.

Key features:
  • Completely free for residents
  • Owned and operated by council, changes to waste providers can be managed easily.
  • Tailored to each council not a copy-paste template.

Customise the app

Your custom app can be styled to match council brand guidelines and the look that you want. Everything from logos, colours and bin images can be changed based on your requirements.

  • Branded to suit your council
  • Bin types and colours modified to suit your council
  • Custom features
Change the look and feel of your custom app
Provide a comprehensive list of waste materials for residents

Manage and distribute advice on waste disposal

It's so easy to educate residents about how to dispose of their waste properly with the What Bin Day mobile app. Waste materials can be searched and filtered in the mobile app so finding out what to do with your pizza boxes and glass bottles is a breeze.

  • What goes in each bin
  • Where residents can take hazardous and dangerous waste
  • Waste Transfer stations, opening hours etc

Keep in touch with your residents

What Bin Day provides the ability to broadcast messages to your residents when you need to quickly get the word out about changes to service. Messages can be composed from the administration portal and immediately sent to the device of your residents that have downloaded the What Bin Day app.

Broadcast messages are fantastic for easily announcing ad hoc pick ups, interruptions to service or emergency notifications.

Send notifications directly to residents mobile phones
Offer any number of services to residents

Promote any service that you want to offer

The What Bin Day platform goes beyond just informing residents about your waste collections. It also gives you an opportunity to promote other services for your residents to take advantage of.

Services can also promote affiliates and partners that your residents may not know about, such as mobile phone recycling or skip bin hire. There is no limit to the type of service offered by your council that can be included in the What Bin Day app.